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Ayesa diseña la nueva planta de tratamiento de gases de Repsol en Tarragona

The list of projects undertaken for Repsol continues to grow. Spain’s leading gas company has chosen Ayesa to undertake detail engineering and purchase management for its new ammoniacal gas treatment plant in the Tarragona Industrial Complex.

This project is very important from an environmental perspective, as it ensures compliance with the legal specifications for NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions in the refinery flare stack.

The Tarragona complex is the largest petrochemical infrastructure facility in Spain and one of the most important in southern Europe. It covers 500 hectares of land and provides more than 1,500 jobs. Its refining capacity is around 186,000 oil barrels per day of butane or propane, vehicle fuels, kerosene for aeroplanes and base products for the preparation of chemicals and asphalt.

The solution designed by Ayesa allows the treatment of the ammoniacal gases that the complex produces, in a new treatment unit whose innovative process includes, initially, the separation of the liquids present in the gas stream originating from the crude and hydrocracking units. Then, the dry gas enters the treatment plant which comprises a Zeeco-technology burner with, first, a reduction chamber with quench area and, second, a reoxidation chamber. 

The chemical reactions that take place through these systems destroy the ammonia present in the gas stream, guaranteeing NOx emissions that comply with the new environmental legislation. The project is being implemented by the Oil & Gas division of Ayesa’s industrial area, with offices in Barcelona.

At the peak of the work, the team consisted of 20 professionals. The planned duration is 11 months, and progress is currently at 95%.

Track record Ayesa has already carried out other projects at the same complex in Tarragona. Specifically, it implemented a medium-sized investment agreement from 2008 to 2012, and was also responsible for the extension of the olefins cracker in 2008. The latter also included supervision of the work. The Oil & Gas division specialises in the design of parts or elements for refineries, chemical plants, gas pipelines, natural gas compression stations and liquefied natural gas stations. Ayesa has been carrying out projects in the oil and gas sector for more than twenty years, first in Spain and now also in Brazil, Peru, Panamá, Mexico and the United Kingdom. “The fact that we have companies like Repsol and Enagás as our loyal clients gives this division great strategic importance within the group, totalling more than 2.5 million man hours.