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Human Capital

A Team of the best

The principles of AYESA's HR policy are based on promoting occupational integration and employment stability, the retaining of talent, the motivation of employees and access to all career development opportunities.

The business must be developed seeking profit and economic growth, but always in a responsible manner in terms of its employees and clients, as well as with society in general. This social responsibility drives AYESA to create and maintain employment in countries in crisis.

AYESA's current workforce, brings the total number of experts, including partners, to 3,000, who are spread throughout the world and of which 43% have a master's degree and 19% a normal university degree. The average age of its employees is 33 and the average time they spend at the company is nine years. 


Work for AYESA

AYESA is on the lookout for talent: engineers, IT technicians, scientists, economists and university graduates, who are young, dynamic, and competitive and have career ambition and leadership skills to take on large projects and important challenges.

It maintains an active policy of taking on ambitious professionals who are passionate about technique and who are highly qualified and enterprising. 


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