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Ayesa Air Control lands in Germany as part of its mission to become a major player in Europe's aerospace industry
Ayesa Air Control (AAC) has taken off in the European market. The aeronautical engineering company has opened an office in Munich (Germany) as part of its strategy to continue on its path of internationalisation and put itself amongst the leading...
José Luis Manzanares Japón awarded the Medal of Honour for Roads 2018
On the 7th of June, José Luis Manzanares Japón, the President of Ayesa, received the special mention Medal of Honour for Roads from the Spanish Road Association, which is awarded each year to entrepreneurs and individuals in business. The...
Ayesa upgrades its back office technological platform to handle the New Subsidised Rate
Ayesa has added a new project to its portfolio through which it is broadening its specialisation in the digital transformation of BPO technological tools and services. The multinational company has developed a technological platform, based on...